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Battling Loneliness During Isolation

By CGordon 23 Mar 2020

It's really important that we all do our bit to stop the spread of coronavirus. For most of us this means practicing social distancing and for some of us it will mean isolating completely; either way the drop in contact with others might be difficult to adjust to. 

If you're battling loneliness try out some of our tips below.

1. Stick to a routine

Classes are cancelled, you may not be working right now, and all of a sudden you're awake until 6am staring at online quizzes that tell you which type of bread you are. The best way to battle loneliness is to keep busy and stick to a routine. Check out our tips for sticking to a routine here.

2. Keep in contact

This one is pretty obvious, but keep in touch with your loved ones. If you can't travel home just now or are keeping a distance from elderly relatives then give them a call and check in. 

3. Hang out virtually

Just because you can't hang out with your friends in person doesn't mean you have to lose touch. Everyone is in the same boat and your pals will be glad to hear from you!

There are some great apps you can use to hang out virtually, such as Houseparty.

You can also have a movie night together using a Chrome add on called Netflix Party.

People are even having 'living room raves' as popular DJs and clubs across the world have taken to live streaming sets. Get all dolled up (or stay in your pyjamas), gather your friends on Zoom and dance to your favourite DJs without paying for taxis and entry fees!

4. Play games with your pals

We all know you can play games against your pals on games consoles, but have you heard of these free games you can play on your laptop? 

  • Drawception is like Chinese Whispers but with drawing. You can create a private game with friends only or play random players all over the world.
  • Skribbl.io is like Pictionary. It looks a little basic but is a lot of fun!
  • Jigsawpuzzles.io is a bit more wholesome. If you just want something to keep busy with while chatting to friends, this one is great!

5. Get some exercise

Getting some exercise can really help to lift your mood. How about trying some of these at-home exercise ideas?

  • Take an exercise class online from the NHS Fitness Studio.
  • Try some Youtube yoga!
  • Take a live online class or try a pre-recorded class with UofG Sport.
  • Try adapting your gym routine for home. Got no weights? Lift anything heavy you can find! Large bottles filled with water, tins, bags of rice, or even your uni backpack filled with books!
  • At the moment the government are allowing people to go outside for exercise as long as social distancing is maintained. Go for a walk, run or cycle somewhere open where you can spread out from others.

6. Keep busy

It's easier said than done. Sometimes we just feel completely bored and have no idea what to do to pass the time. Next time you're fed up scrolling through your phone, try some of these:

  • Make a playlist of all your favourite songs from when you were younger.
  • Read an e-book, start a book club with friends in a group chat, or join an online book club like on Good Reads.
  • If you're bored of Netflix and Youtube, try watching some TED Talks.
  • Explore the world by taking Virtual Tours of some of the world's most famous museums, art galleries, zoos and theme parks!

If you're struggling with your mental health or are feeling anxious, click here to read about what you can do and how to access help.