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Here For You At Halls

By CGordon 11 May 2020

Are you still staying at one of our residences? Your site and Living Support Teams are still here for you.

Your Living Support Assistants (LSAs) are here to chat if you need them. If you're feeling lonely, bored, stressed, anxious, or fancy a chat for any reason you can call your on duty LSA from 6pm-8am Monday to Friday or 24 hours at weekends. 

You can also arrange a video chat with them on MS Teams (you can download this and log in straight away with your uni email and password) or Zoom.

They're still hosting events for you during lockdown but they're now all online. Check out your site's Facebook page (see below) for upcoming events.

If you are isolating because you, your flatmate, or someone you have come into contact with has COVID-19 symptoms, please let your site or Living Support Team know so we can provide support and check in with you.

In emergencies your site or Living Support Teams will still attend, following strict hygiene guidance and social distancing at all times.

How to get in touch:

Please leave your name, room number and phone number when calling or emailing so we can get back in touch if we need to.

Call or email your Site Team (8am-6pm Monday to Friday):

Call your Living Support Team (6pm-8am Monday to Friday, 24 hours at weekends):

  • Murano Street Student Village
    +44 (0)141 895 3390 (via security)
  • Cairncross House and Kelvinhaugh Street Nos 3-53
    +44 (0)7590813271
  • Kelvinhaugh Street Nos 61-91 and Kelvinhaugh Gate
    +44 (0)7948739490 
  • Queen Margaret Residences (including Winton Drive)
    +44 (0)141 339 3273 
  • Student Apartments (from 6:30pm)
    +44 (0)7530002929
  • Maclay Residences
    +44 (0) 7725213841
  • Lister House
    +44 (0)7970950113
  • Wolfson Hall
    +44 (0)7530514672

If you're looking for resources for your mental health, you can find information on how to improve your mental wellbeing as well as where to access further support here. Your Living Support Assistants are trained in mental health support and can help you access a wealth of services, so please give them a call if you'd like to chat.