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Public Health Scotland Self-Isolation Survey

By Scampbell 22 Oct 2020

Have you experienced self-isolation or quarantining since starting at university in September? 

Public Health Scotland have recently announced that they will be conducting important new research into the experience of students who have had to self-isolate are looking for students from the University of Glasgow to take part in online focus groups.

The focus groups will be comprised of a small group with other students, not necessarily from the University of Glasgow. 

During the groups, researchers will be seeking your views to help better understand the impact of self-isolation on student health and well-being and how new solutions can be developed for restricting transmission of COVID-19 among students. 

The survey will not ask you personal questions about your health and if you do not wish to take part in a particular discussion in the focus group that is fine.  

If you are interested in taking part in an online focus group you can sign up via the following link:

Please also read the participant information sheet / consent form:

The research is being run independently of government and your university. We will not tell your university that you have taken part in the research. 

All student contributions to our research will be anonymised and that means that no student will be identifiable in any reports or presentations we develop. 

If you are interested in taking part but have some questions please do not hesitate to contact the research lead Dr Debby Wason or and they'll be happy to give you more information on the study and the focus groups.