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Sticking To A Routine While At Home

By CGordon 23 Mar 2020

One thing that can really help with your mental wellbeing while social distancing or isolating at home is keeping to a routine. It can help to structure your day, keep you busy, and help you maintain as much normality as possible.

How do I make a routine?

It's as easy as grabbing a sheet of paper and a pen! 

Step 1: Think about all of the things you need to do each day. Here are some suggestions:

  • Get out of bed
  • Have a wash, brush your teeth, get dressed (even if it's into a new pair of pyjamas)
  • Breakfast
  • Some kind of exercise
  • Uni work (if you have any at the moment)
  • Lunch
  • Talk with someone, even if just a few texts or a quick phone call
  • Any chores - dishes, laundry, keeping your room/flat clean
  • Dinner
  • Bed time (try to stick to a similar switch off time each night)
    For tips on getting into a good sleep routine, check out our article here.

Step 2: Think about things you'd like to fit into each day. You could either set a general time for these activities and pick what you fancy at the time, or you could pick specific things to do each day of the week:

  • Video call or do some kind of online activity with friends
  • Read a book
  • Play a video game
  • Listen to music, look for new music, make a playlist of songs from your childhood
  • Learn a new skill using online tutorials
  • Play an instrument
  • Start or write a new post for a blog
  • Offer to help out in the community - you could befriend an elderly or isolating neighbour and phone them regularly to keep them company and check they're okay
  • Watch a movie or series (you can even do this with friends using Netflix Party)
  • Learn a language

Take a look at our article on things to do during isolation HERE.

Step 3: Decide a time to get things done. You could make a rigid timetable with set times, or leave it more flexible.

Write it all down and put it somewhere you'll see it, or download an app such as Todoist, which lets you schedule, track and manage tasks, or Loopit Habit Tracker lets you tick off tasks daily as and when.

There are also loads of great free printables on Pinterest or you could download our daily schedule below.

Daily_schedule_colour.pdf (18KB) Daily_schedule_greyscale.pdf (18KB)