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Things you miss (and don't miss) about uni friends

By bzbeth 28 Jul 2020

After nearly four whole months apart, you might be starting to miss all your mates from university...

Or not.

Were you those friends constantly joint at the hip or did you just see each other lectures? Either way, you can't deny how much fun university friends are. They're one of a kind, put it that way!

How many of these do you miss, or not miss about them?

Being walking distance away

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Whether they were your next-door neighbours or just on the other side of campus, it's nice to know they aren't far away. If you fancy a game of Fortnite or want to watch a movie, you can pretty much turn up on their doorstep. That's your boredom sorted. 

Always having people to chill with

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Sometimes you just NEED a break from revision and assignments and that's why student friends are great. Someone on your WhatsApp group will always be up for having some time out. 

Understanding the struggles of student life together

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When you're on your 15th breakdown of the week and your mum is probably fed up with hearing it and just tells you everything will be fine. But what do your uni friends do? They understand your struggles and give you the support and sympathy you really need. That's love!

Ranting about all your little (major) life dramas

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A tinder debrief, your ex calling last night or a huge argument with your best friend - all of these are worthy of an emergency coffee catchup on campus. Of course, you always return the favour when it's needed because you know how necessary it is.

Your perfect partying partners

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We will probably all agree that there's no night out like a student night out! That's why when you find some good partying partners, you stick with them because they're always up for a night out and it's always so much fun. Not always memorable though...

Sharing all their delicious meals

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You're lucky that your flatmate loves cooking and if you're not in the mood to make anything then you can pinch some of their leftovers. Their food is more appealing than a jacket potato with cheese and beans anyway. 

Them stealing YOUR food

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If YOU are that flatmate who makes all the amazing food, you will experience people stealing your food quite often. Sometimes it's even little things like milk or bananas but nothing winds you up quite like someone pinching your food. Especially cheese!

They're night owls and you're not...

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Or vice versa. Sometimes you just want to get your head down for an early night (or a lie-in) and your flatmates are full of energy and want to make an absolute racket. It all comes with uni life though - you've got to love it.

Being away from your best mates is never easy. Ok, that's the understatement of the century but you'll be reunited before you know it.