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An appeal to smokers

By LYoung 10 Jan 2019

Take care where you are smoking

Smoking of any kind is not allowed anywhere within University accommodation. Smoking in any University building is banned.

**If you are smoking outside or near a building please move well away from any windows and doors where the fumes can travel and affect other residents**

Disposal of cigarette ends

Throwing cigarette ends on the ground is littering and they are not biodegradable. It can take between 18 months and 10 years for a cigarette end to decompose depending on conditions.

Cigarette ends discarded in car parks, on pavements and into gutters miles from the coast make their way through drains and rivers to the ocean. They are toxic and when they are eaten by birds and other mammals it threatens wildlife and the environment. To prevent this from happening please make sure you discard all cigarette ends responsibly and use the available cigarette bins.

Thank you!