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Angelina's blog #1

By BzSarah 06 Oct 2017


This is Aye Thiri Kyaw (Angelina) from Myanmar. Well, first of all, I would like to say, Myanmar is a country in South East Asia, because most of the time when I tell my new friends here, they would say, huh?

Secondly, I would like to start with my surprise story, I flew all the way from Myanmar to Glasgow, I tried to take my luggage with me, but unfortunately, it seemed to have been misplaced on the way and I had to wait a day for my luggage to reach to me.

At the airport, I was very depressed and sad but the welcoming team reassured me that this kind of thing sometimes happens and I shouldn’t worry about it. 24 hours later, my luggage came to my residence :)

My first day at Glasgow was hectic, since I had to buy brand new things to start up with. Anyway, I went around the city and opened a bank account. In order to open a bank account, you will need to print out the certifying letter from your "my campus" account and go to Fraser building on the first floor and get a stamp on it.

Well, everything is new to me and I’m trying to cope with this whole cold weather thing, since I was born and raised in a country with an average temperature of 30 degrees.

I am trying my best to make new friends, and I’m looking forward to joining the Gilchrist (Postgraduate club) soon, I still haven't met my classmates yet, but I think I will find one or two in the induction program.

Right now, honestly, I feel a bit of loneliness since I am away from my friends and haven't met many people yet. In the near future, I am hoping to have lots of chances to make new friends and start my new academic year with joy.

Looking forward to having a great time in Scotland, and hey yeah, if u see me on the street or near campus, Just say hi, ‘cause I need a friend now......

Have a great time and hope you all have one hell of a Freshers' week.

With love, Angelina x.o.x.o

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BzSarah is part of the team and plays the saxophone.
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