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Break Your XBox and GHDs In One Simple Step!

By ahenry 14 Nov 2013

Don't like the sound of that? You might be well on your way...

We've all been there - it's the 21st Century, and there just isn't enough space to plug in everything we need. Getting an extension cable might seem like the best solution in the world - but at what cost? You need to be vigilant. Any overheating or overloading of electrical equipment can result in fire, or damage your stuff - even your beloved XBox or GHDs!

If you think you do need one, check first that you've used all of the 6 sockets in your room. Remember, you'll only be able to get ONE extension cable to accommodate up to FOUR appliances - anything else will be confiscated. Also make sure to keep the extension free from dust, as this is a major hazard. There are loads of different extension leads on the market, so make sure yours complies with our safety regulations. 

It must:

  • Be purchased in the UK and have this symbol (British Kite Mark)
  • Be fitted with a 13A BS 1363 fuse - These numbers will be written on the plug.

This means you MUST NOT exceed 13 Amps. Not sure? Check with the free socket overload calculator!

Avoid overloading your sockets, reduce the risk of fire - and keep the Amps below 13.

For more information, please click here.

ahenry is part of the content team and is an excellent netballer.
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