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Living Black at University - share your experience

By EThompson 04 Jun 2021

The killing of George Floyd in May 2020 had a profound effect on the understanding of institutional racism in the developed world. Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) provider, Unite have commissioned a research project to help understand the experiences of Black students in accommodation. Ultimately this project will generate practical recommendations for PBSA and university accommodation providers to address any areas of institutional racism and equip providers to deliver an equitable and inclusive experience. 

Unite have asked us to share this project with our residents as the greater amount of information gathered will lead to more informed results and impactful actions. Unite have commissioned Halpin Partnership (Halpin) to undertake the research. There is no obligation to participate but students completing the survey can enter a prize draw to win a £500 gift voucher. 

For the survey, it is important to have something to compare Black students’ experiences against and a baseline of all student experiences. Therefore the survey needs to go to as many students from as many backgrounds as possible and then the Black student voice will be isolated in the analysis, whilst being able to compare it with the full data set. Comparing the data from all students with the data from the Black students will highlight the differences in student experience more clearly.

For more information about the Living Black at University project, Halpin and support information please visit:

The University of Glasgow has published a comprehensive action plan to help tackle racism and racial harassment on campus as part of its effort to address racial inequality. To access resources and support please visit

Thank you, Accommodation Services

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