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QMR's Movie Meltdown: Halloween Special

By CGordon 11 Oct 2021

Sick of paying too much money to go the cinema and sit in silence for two hours? Feel like shouting at the screen every time the actors mess up? Already binged all of Netflix?

Join us every Thursday night at 8pm in the Queen Margaret Lounge for Movie Meltdown!

Every week we'll watch a truly terrible movie from our extensive collection for you to enjoy, roast, or groan at, and every month we'll have a new theme!

This is more of a social event than a traditional movie night, so come prepared with snacks, drinks, and a willingness to bond over hilariously bad 80's special effects, ridiculous plot lines, or cringey early 2000's... well... everything!

Join the Facebook Event for reminders each week!

Halloween Special & Costume Contest: 28th Oct

Join us on Thursday 28th October for the finale of Spooky Season where we'll be watching the 1993 cult-classic 'Leprechaun' that was so loved for being so bad it spawned a 7-movie franchise spanning 25 years!

We will also be having a best 'Worst Costume' contest to showcase the most hilariously bad costumes you can come up with. We want to see disappointing Wish purchases, questionable face painting skills, and bonus points for characters from great bad movies! 

Here's some inspiration from the funniest cursed cosplayer, Rhylee (@Rhyleep95)