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Off-Peak fares all day long with ScotRail

By Scampbell 13 Oct 2023

Get Off-Peak fares all day for six months from 2 October 2023 with ScotRail

Attention all rail users! Between 2 October 2023 and 31 March 2024, ScotRail will be offering Off-Peak fares, all day long, seven days a week on their services!

The offer is part of a six-month Scottish Government-funded trial will allow customers travelling on ScotRail services during traditional peak times (weekdays before 0915 and early evening) to do so with an Off-Peak fare.

During the trial period some trains and services may be busier than usual so be sure to give yourself extra time when travelling and collecting tickets from the station. 

For more information check out the ScotRail Website.

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Scampbell is Digital Media Coordinator with the Accommodation Services team.
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