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Prevent blocked drains and protect our water cycle

By LYoung 10 Jan 2019

Blocked toilets, sinks and drains are a nuisance and can damage the environment as well. Here are some tips to keep everything working as it should.

In the kitchen

- Do not pour fat, oil or grease down the plughole

- Remove leftover bits of food from plates and pots before washing

Your toilet

- Items that should not be flushed include wipes, sanitary items (tampons, towels etc.), cotton wool, cotton buds, nappies, condoms, bandages or contact lenses.

- You can flush toilet paper down the toilet in the UK 

The shower

- Remove hair from the plughole after showering.

If there’s a blockage at your flat please report it as soon as possible so it can be repaired quickly. Remember you can do this online or by emailing or calling the office. 

Thanks for your help in keeping our water systems running smoothly!

Further advice can be found on the Scottish Water website.

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