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QMR Weekly Update (12 August)

By SMowat 08 Aug 2019

PLEASE help us keep the site tidy

There are plenty of bins around the site in the sheds so please make sure any bags are put INSIDE the bins and not beside them.  There have been several occasions over the summer where bags are being left out in the open bin sheds and the local wildlife are tearing the bags open and debris is getting littered all over the site.  The council can refuse to take the rubbish away if it’s not contained within one of the bins provided, and this could become a health hazard to residents.

Disposing of Rubbish Responsibly

It has been noted that residents in Winton Drive in particular are throwing empty lager cans out of their window.  It seems to be an ongoing issue.  There are bins provided and it’s not up to QMR staff to clean up your mess so please use the bins provided.

Access to Rooms

Please note that the University (or persons acting with the authority of the University) will normally give at least 24 hours prior notice of its intention to carry out such inspections or works.  No such notice will be required in cases of emergency.

Make the Most Of Our Lounge Area!

If you haven’t yet checked out our CSB Lounge, please visit soon. There are a range of games, books, DVDs and musical instruments that you can try out. The lounge can also be booked for parties, so please ask at Reception for a booking form.

What’s Happening?

Keep up to date on events at the University and what’s happening on site by logging onto  There’s lots of useful info too on saving money, things to do in Glasgow and tips on all sorts of things.  It’s worth a look!

Reporting Repairs Online

Remember it’s really easy to report a maintenance repair request online, just go to and let us know the issue.