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Spring clean your life!

By heatherblogger 11 Mar 2016

Tips and hints on how to tidy up your home, your studies and your health...


  • Clear out your wardrobe
    Take unwanted goods to your local charity shop to pass onto a new home. Or alternatively, why not make some money back on them? The saying goes; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so list your old clobber on Ebay and earn a pretty penny.
  • Get cooking 
    If you are guilty of dining on microwave meals and takeaway dishes, dig out that cookbook your Gran gave you at the start of First year and get busy in the kitchen. Not only will this save you money in the long-run, but it will also have a positive impact on your diet. Try a fruit smoothie for breakfast, a bowl of homemade soup for lunch, and a Chicken and mixed veg stirfry for dinner? That’s you hit your 5 a day!
  • Change your bed 
    A 2014 poll conducted by YouGov found that one in ten of us admitted to only washing our bed sheets once a month or less!! When you consider that humans shed half an ounce of skin each week, this makes for some pretty mucky sleeping habits. Keep the dust mites at bay by changing your bed sheets every week, and opening your bedroom window each morning if possible to let them air.


  • Make a revision plan 
    Exam time doesn’t have to mean barricading the doors and windows shut for a month. Invest in a diary and decide what days/nights you are going to set aside to revise. Once you’ve agreed on a plan that ensures you are giving yourself enough study hours to get the grades, you can then look at how much free time you have left to do fun stuff!!
  • Start early 
    Don’t do what you did last semester or the semester before that, and wait until 1 week before the deadline to start frantically typing up that 5000 word essay which accounts for 30% of your final grade. Why put yourself under so much pressure (or force yourself to consume that much Red Bull)? Be smart and plan ahead.
  • Recruit a study buddy 
    Having someone around to motivate you and kick your butt into gear when you start to flag come February is often a blessing in disguise. It can also mean half the workload, if you work together as a joint research team!


  • Talk to the Doc  
    Us Scots like to think that we are made of stronger stuff, and are often guilty of ignoring niggles and aches. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that serious health issues aren’t spotted until they have developed into the more advanced stage. If you haven’t been for a check-up in a while, make an appointment with your local GP and put your mind at ease.
  • Join the gym  
    Gyms were once an expensive hobby to keep, but Glasgow has seen an influx of budget gyms popping up over the last few years with a monthly bill to suit all budgets. Pure Gym now has two Glasgow branches, advertising their services from as little as £18 per month. Xercise4less have gone one better, offering access to their gym for a purse friendly £9.99 a month. Absolutely penniless? Work out at one of Glasgow’s outdoor gyms for free!
  • Do the 30 day challenge 
    I stole this one from a friend, who has recently succeeded in curbing the habit of a lifetime by following the 30-day mantra. Back in January, they decided to give up smoking for 30 whole days. Upon completing their challenge, and noticing how much better they felt for it, they have successfully managed to quit the fags completely. The idea behind it comes from the belief that most habits can be broken if you are able to go 30 days without them.