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Top Tips to Staying Safe @ Murano

By SSilanskaite 18 Aug 2016

Unfortunately parents can't camp outside the halls, but there are ways to ensure you are still safe. These tips can be done with minimal effort and can avoid lots of problems later.

    1. Make sure the door to your block is locked at all times. You wouldn't just leave the front door to your house open, would you?
    2. Lock your room door at all times. Yes, this even means when you run down the hall for a cup of tea or hop in the shower.
    3. Keep your windows locked. Don't be so focused on locking your door that you forget to check the windows, too.
    4. Be careful with your keys and a fob. Also, if you lose them, don't depend on your roommate to keep letting you in, thinking that your keys will just "pop up". Come to reception and buy a new set.
    5. Don't let anyone into your hall that you don't know. Have them wait outside the door while you go and find the person they’re looking for. You’re not being rude when you do this, you’re making sure the whole building is safe. Don’t let a stranger make you feel guilty. They need to explain to you, not the other way around.
    6. Keep an eye out on your belongings wherever you are. If you’re in the study zone, keep your laptop, iPad and phone with you at all times. You may need to take a quick run to the vending machines to clear your mind... just as someone happens to walk by and see your belongings unattended.
    7. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times. Heading to a club in town? Going out on a date? There's no need to spill all the intimate details, but do let someone (a friend, a roommate, etc.) know where you're going and what time you expect to get back.
    8. Be very careful when going to parties, and be sure you go with a friend. Male or female, big or small, safe neighbourhood or not, this is always a good idea.
    9. Keep a working cell phone within reach at all times. You can call police, 911 or any other emergency number that can assist you. Also know the number for site security. 6000 from your bedroom phone, or 0141 945 5976. You never know: you may need it for yourself or for something you see from far away.